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Cool Spot

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Reviewed by David Ruocco You must guide Cool Spot and free all his mates from cages spread across eleven big levels, including the beach, pier, toy shop, train and swimming pool. Nasties such as crabs, bees, robots, spiders, soldiers, frogs and cowboys put our hero in a spot of bother. But if you're extra cool and fast in shooting a lot of baddies, there's six bonus levels to negotiate inside a giant bottle of soft drink. One of the strangest levels is "radical rails" which starts off with spot somersaulting down a huge slope, gaining speed all the way. You must try and regain control quickly to avoid spot ending up in a vacuum. The best fun is leaping from balloon to balloon and watching spot hang on for dear life - while still remaining very cool. You can also catch a ride on a U.F.O. if you're lucky. It's also great watching spot get trapped in a bubble and float away. The only problem with Cool Spot is that sometimes it can be a bit frustrating, especially when you lose a whole life just for mis-timing a jump. However, overall Cool Spot is a great platform game. Grab your shades and jump into the spotlight.

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