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The Combatribes

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Reviewed by Steven You and your two trusty comrades are searching for a cyborg lady, who has gone mad. She is taking over the Big Apple, and its up to you to save New York City! However, it won't be easy... she has five mean, nasty gangs wanting you for lunch. Get ready to knuckle up with a friend in this cool Double Dragon inspired game.

Graphics 9 out of 10

It's not the best graphics ever, but it is sure pretty. Bright lights, good character size, you name it. And its very easy going on the eyes.

Music and Sound 8 out of 10

Nothing extremely special but its all good. The punches and kicks sound crisp enough and the sound of smashing skulls never felt so sweet. Music is good... but in games like this, music is a small part to worry about. You'll be too busy talking with your pal when playing this so it don't matter.

Game Challenge 9 out of 10

This game is REALLY HARD! NO health refill items (one of the negative aspects of this game) but you get use to it. You get 5 continues (energy bars design on a fairly long bar) and you SHARE it with your pal. But don't worry theres an easy to do 30 continue code so you can kick the cyborg girl's butt. Also, theres a code for SUPER HARD. Try Super Hard with the 10 continue code (more satisfying for the better player than the 30 code) and the challenge will be perfecto.

Game Play-Fun 9 out of 10

I dunno if a beat them up game can get any damn better! It doesn't get repetitive easily. Yes, it does lacks lots of hold combos and throws, but you got your butt jumping, head butting two guys together, the giant swing that knocks everyone out around, etc. The fun is top notch.


I'd give this a.... 5 out of ten. Yup, 5 out of ten. Why? Most beat them up games such as this are hard, but never super frustrating. Especially when playing with a pal, these games are the kind where you actually SMILE if you die! It makes you want to come back and do things right another time. When your playing w/ a good friend, and get frustrated your taking it too seriously.

Replayability 8 out of 10

Okay so maybe it isn't Bomberman or Goldeneye, but as long as you have many siblings/friends, this game will be a blast. You'll be surprise of how many times you'll want to save the Big Apple all because of a friend's first crack at it.

Game Value 10 out of 10

You may be asking WHY? This game is a rare gem. And even more today. Its hard to find, the game. Not only do you get the same Arcade levels, but you get a Street Fighter option too! You can use ALL of the game's characters from my personal fave Bullova to the street bums. It may not be awesome, but hey, its free, and it comes off pretty damn good/cool.

Enemies 8.5 out of 10

The enemies are cool. I wish there were more, but that's okay. Everybody from street thugs with broken bottles to old bald men to stadium sport freaks with a knife to clowns and jokers on an evil island... its all here! Oh yea... can't forget those gunmen..... Anyhow, the enemies are way rad... there are only a little over a dozen (counting bosses) bad guys, er and a (cyborg) gal but they are the kind you won't forget.

Atmosphere 10 out of 10

This is one of my personal favorites of all time, if not, THE most. I love these kind of games. But I only love the Double Dragon (cool movie with Mark Dascascos) series and this game. One of my more favorite stages in this game is the third one. Your in a casino of sorts battling skaters with an attitude. As you fight under the bright, neon and atmospheric Lexington Lights.... can't you just start to feel the atmosphere? I sure can! And the first stage, a patented given in any action game, a battle on the streets with thugs and their boss. Best played with a good friend/sibling at night.

Overall 9 out of 10

Overall this game is second only to the Double Dragons Games. I really love it. Rent it or if you can, buy it at a good price. One more note... the stages are short.... meaning that they don't stretch miles. One person told me that that stinks and makes the game "dumb".... now that's a dumb notion. Well actually its how you feel how long the level plan should be. It isn't like Final Fight where you go miles. Its one small area. But in terms of plot, it goes along well... just think about it. Gangs own their own turfs... but small gangs own small turfs... so it really fits in. Also that very same fool said "oh but theres no enemy energy gauge, something that's a must today." Must, yea right... I love it with out the enemy bar. The life gauge of the enemy kinda spoils it for you to see how tough they are. Now, onto other things... the bad parts are, you can't pick up weapons (I think, from my memory, but I remember in the arcade you can pick up motorcycles! ), a lack of lots of holds and throws, and the classic health filler up. But still with these flaws, this is one game that certainly you wouldn't want to miss, especially if you like these games like me. Conclusion: great, underrated game that deserves a sequel.

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