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Reviewed by Sean Pratt This is much different from all others. In terms of graphics, moves, and characters. The sound is okay and the backgrounds are awesome. Do you know which game yet it is? If you guessed Mortal Kombat then your wrong! The game is Interplay's masterpiece known as Clayfighters! A game that goes beyond any other game in all the weird places. Like in Fighters and graphics of the fighters. Fighters like The Blob and Taffy will make you think your in toy land. Let's here Clayfigthers clay clay fighters!

Graphics 8 out of 10

It's pretty hard to figure out a rating for the graphics in this game. They use something that a lot of video games don't use, clay animations. I personally think the graphics look good. Sure it's not true graphics that other video games use, but it is a nice change for a fighting game. Unless your stuck in a cave then you know that Interplay uses the clay animation idea in the sequels. Sure Interplay took risk and hoped that the game would be a hit but it wasn't as big as a new Zelda game for Super Nintendo. Compare it to other games that used clay animations like claymates they worked pretty hard on getting the animation just right so it would look good. The sequels were also the same in most cases. Like Clayfighters 2: Judgment Clay which was a little better compare to the clay animation in Clayfighters 1. How can you tell you ask? Well look at the beginning of the fights and you should notice how bumpy the bottom is which doesn't look to good as for Clayfighters 2 you don't see it that bad. Still I think that The first one is really good in terms of starting a new kind of graphics.

Music and Sound 9 out of 10

Everything from the intro music to the background music for the Elvis guy's level is great! Sound though needs work on. When the Viking girl (Bretha) jumps on you it sounds like yo yo ho when it should something like this I'm going to spuish you! Of course that is just one part of the game. Interplay probably didn't pay attention to this because they were more worried about the graphics and the best part the fun. Sound isn't as bad as some other games where you want to throw the game against the wall because it sounds so dumb. The only problem is you can't really understand what the fighters are saying at sometimes. Mostly it is pretty clear ,so don't think that ho well since the sound is so bad then I better not buy it. No you can live with the sound, or if you are that badly effected you can lower the sound to a silent beep. The music sounds like it was done by the New York Symphony. Everything sounds great. Probably the best quality music I heard on a 16 bit system for a while. The intro music is a treat and the background is the main course in this candy sweet game. Hell you might just want to buy the sound track if there is one.

Game Challenge 9 out of 10

Pretty good considering that the game is a fighting game and not a funny movie. It took me a while to beat the Hardest skill level. About 10 days, or 48 hours, but that is because I didn't figure out all the moves yet. Of course if you think that is to hard then you should set the skill level to the easiest and just dominate the game. Even though it keeps saying at the end try a harder level. But over all this is a all around good AI. You want a challenge then rent this from the local video rental place.

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

Simply the bomb. Never a played a game like this that is so much fun and funny at the same time. My favorite is the Blob because he can change into anything from a brick to a saw. Yet all the versions I like. From Clayfighters to Clayfighters 63 1/3 Directors cut. I dare you to say after playing this for a while to say that Clayfighters is okay in the fun and funny area of games. It's so much fun I went out to buy after having it for 1 month. Of course it cost a lot. Basically this game is FUN FUN FUN!!!!!! Repeat after me Clayfighters rules.


It's not frustrating at all. Probably the least frustrating ever made for Super Nintendo. You can fight from very easy to Hard as the place we will all probably go. Yes Heaven. The game should have a little more Frustration. If you want to go mad don't rent this game because you will probably stay sane. Hey they should name this non frustration fighters!

Replayability 5 out of 10

It depends which way your looking at it. In terms of codes and secret players the replay is low but in terms of Fighting it is great. You want a game that you can play over and over then play this! Or drop dead!

Game Value 10 out of 10

Simply the best all around game ever made using clay animations Heck you might be able to buy the game for 1 dollar. What game is not worth a dollar. Now if we could get Nintendo to have a another price drop on their games we might have a good all around Company.

Overall 9.5 out of 10

Overall This is a great game for any reason. This is as I said before a must have in the collections of games. Trust me you will be happy with this game! Hey when you played Mortal Kombat 4 you thought that game review from Sean Pratt was great and probably the best review ever. Buy it! If you can find it!

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