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Clay Fighter

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Reviewed by David Ruocco You've seen the claymation video clips, now play the first claymation game. All the characters in Clayfighter have been moulded out of clay for a fight game that does not take itself too seriously. It's a lot of fun. For the first few hours you won't mind getting pummelled by the other characters because you'll be too busy laughing. The graphics are really superb, with each of the characters very well animated. The fighters are Bad Mr Frosty, spindly Taffy, strongman Tiny, The Blob, pumpkin-headed Ickybod Clay, Helga the fat Valkyrie, the clown Bonker, and Elvis impersonator Blue Suede Goo. There are a good variety of moves from jumps, various punches and kicks, blocks, close attacks, throws and holds. All the characters also have their own special moves, which are all hilarious. Blue Suede Goo can attack opponents with his hair, the Blob can turn into a boot, Bad Mr Frosty can turn into a snowball, and Ickybod Clay can throw a fireball to rival any Streetfighter character. Clayfighter is a great game to show off what your Super NES can do. Your friends will love it. The only problem is that despite the different difficulty settings the one player games get a bit boring after a while. Often games just turn into a "press the buttons as fast as you can" affair. Street Fighter 2 Turbo is still the best beat-'em-up around but Clayfighter will ensure plenty of laughs and lots of fun.

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