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Chrono Trigger

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Reviewed by David Long I'm sure almost everyone out there has heard of the Final Fantasy series and thinks they are the best RPG's ever. Well, I must say Final Fantasy 3 is the best but this is hot on the tails of even that great epic. In this incredible game you start off as Crono, a boy who lives in 1000 A.D.. When you go to the Millennial Fair you bump into a princess (literally) but you don't know who she is. Your friends invention sends the princess back to 600 A.D.. You volunteer to go after her. That is when your long journey begins.

Graphics 10 out of 10

Every one says that Donkey Kong Country has good graphics because it is 3-D. This game shows you don't need 3-D, it also proves that RPG's can have great graphics. The graphics are incredibly detailed on the overworld map. In dungeons detailed doesn't even begin to say how good they are. Monsters and bosses are beutifully colored and drawn. Your characters are so detailed you can see changes in expression. Spells are very well done and attacks are very fluid, even a monsters attack.

Music and Sound 10 out of 10

The music is one the best for any game ever. From the title screen, I was just blown away by the music. The music does a very good job in setting the mood of the characters. The characters themes are very good, and the battle music is very original. Chrono Trigger was the first(and only) game I ever got the soundtrack for (I wanted Final Fantasy 3 but I couldn't find it). It seems that everything from a clock to Lavos's scream has a sound effect. Not only that but they are all incredible sound effects.Crono and friends draw their weapons and hear comes a very distinct effect.

Game Challenge 8 out of 10

I'm sure many others who have played this game will say it too easy for some reason or another. But the only reason it was easy was because, IMHO, the bosses were way too easy. Some parts are hard, like in Daltons ship, but that is to get you hooked to keep trying so you will play it more. the reason it got 8/10 was because it was a little too easy for my tastes. Also compared to Final Fantasy 3 and Final Fantasy 2 this game was way too easy.

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

This was really fun from the Millennial Fair until the end. There seemed to something that always need to be done. Like a soda guzzling contest, dancing, racing, there was always some game you could play. When you are in battle you actually walk to the monster and hit him, the monsters do the same when they attack, and that's really different from most RPG's. Battles are mixed from turn-based and live-action, meaning you wait for your meter to fill, attack wait again and while you waiting or just sitting there the monster attack. It is not attack, let the monsters attack, attack, ETC. You can also see monsters so you can try to avoid them(but that isn't likely). Also, there are no battles on the overworld screen, which makes the game pass faster.


The only thing I got frustrated with was...well, nothing. There was nothing to get frustrated about. Except Frogs theme music after awhile.

Replayability 10 out of 10

Defiantly the most replayable RPG ever. There are at least 15 (yes I have seen 15) ending to the game. Depending who you have found, when you fight him, what items you have found, what you did while playing the game, and who you fight Lavos with will all affect the ending. The Official Nintendo Power Players Guide tells how to get 10 endings and I have seen 5 other ones, and I think there are more. Not only the ending but you can also do different things at different times. The steps are linear but the events are non-linear. You don't even have to do the events, just go to the end of time and go through the bucket or go to the Day of Lavos in the Epoch and you will fight Lavos right away.

Game Value 10 out of 10

When Chrono Trigger first came out (when I bought it) it was $75-$85 depending where you bought and your towns availability of it. That was worth this game. Even if it were as the SNES ($150) I still would have got it. Just about any price is worth this great game. Now you can buy it used for around $40-$60 depends where you get it. Funcoland has it for $59.95 last time I was there. Those $40-$60 prices are defiantly worth this game.

Plot 9 out of 10

The plot is basically the same as any other RPG: some ultra powerful being is set upon conquering the world or destroying it. However, Chrono adds some neat twists into this. First you think one person is the cause for Lavos then you know it is wrong. For the first part of the game you have no idea what is gonna happen then you find out and decide to stop it. Because it is the same plot as always with some twists.

Overall 9.6 out of 10

Overall this game needs one word to describe it. This word is a word that in MHO is only deserved a few RPG's out there. That one word is: epic. This game has incredible replay value, music, and the plot is better than most. It is fun and worth whatever price you pay for it. It will keep you playing for a LOOOOOONG time.

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