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Chrono Trigger

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Reviewed by Chris The BEST game I ever seen for the Super NES. kind of a long game but not too long. I love the way it is set up, nice scenery like the endings too I've found five of them so far but I'm still playing it. you can also plan your strategies which you have to decide quickly. This is no Mario RPG where you could take your time deciding where to strike. PLAY IT, IT's tremendously fun for the Super NES.

Graphics 97 out of 100

Graphics are good but some are cartoon like. the parts that look real is the window in the back of the courtroom in Gardia castle. Also the black tyrano and the mammon machine and the lighting of triple techs. But most of it is good.

Music and Sound 100 out of 100

Very big details. Like the sounds of levers switching enemy slashing and magic triple tech sounds and the music is excellent music sounds sort of cinematic to me and its sometimes dramatic too. Sad, happy, dreamlike. scary etc. you name it they got it.

Game Challenge 98 out of 100

If my game wasn't "mysteriously" erased which I had new game plus I would of put 1 out of 100. Now there are times where I am stuck!! But I'll get through. This game isn't too hard its like in the middle from easy to hard. if you know what you are doing you will succeed. Just keep your hp up and you be fine and don't forget to equip yourself with powerful acesseries.

Game Play-Fun 100 out of 100

This game is very very very fun!!! very exiting too you will "experience" the fun game play this game has very challenging puzzles for you. If you buy it and think its dull try "WINNING" by finding new techniques and getting "level ups". Don't worry it get's better and more exiting as you progress through the game. But let me give you a little message "THIS GAME IS NOT DULL" trust me.


It's not that frustrating. right now where I am up to its a bit frustrating. The web can help you it helps me. So don't get so frustrated that you are going to brake the game in half keep your cool. You'll get the hang of it.

Replayability 99 out of 100

I've had herd that you can find certain rocks in the game for magic techs but you only get one chance to do that I've found one of the rocks but there where more that I couldn't get because I beat the game already.

Game Value 99 out of 100

This is worth the price but for those who don't like RPGs like Chrono Trigger don't buy it but its a nice game and it's worth buying too.

Overall 100 out of 100

This game is a must buy for the Super NES but remember what I said, don't get frustrated or buy it if you think it's dull.

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