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Choplifter 3

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Reviewed by David Ruocco Choplifter is an oldie and a goodie. I have fond memories of playing Choplifter when I was a kid at the local milk bar. The aim of the game is very simple: rescue hostages and personnel trapped in the warzone with your trusty helicopter, and blow anyone out of the way who tries to stop you. Choplifter 3 keeps the spirit of the classic game and adds wonderful graphics and some new features. It's as addictive as it ever was. The helicopter handles extremely well, which becomes very important especially in the tough subterranean worlds. There are four missions to complete, with four rounds to each mission. To complete each mission, you must save a majority of hostages, so make sure you aren't too haphazard with your guns. The first mission starts in the jungle, but my favorite is the second, a sea battle where you have to save hostages on rafts in windy conditions. The third level is the city and the fourth at desert headquarters. Choplifter 3 has more firepower to make your job a little bit easier. Parachuted boxes reveal napalm bombs, heat seeking missiles and even nuclear bombs. There's even a handy rope to pick up so you can rescue hostages without having to land. Another new feature is end-of-level bosses, such as huge tanks, which are very tough to destroy. Luckily there are also now repair stations which you can land at to repair damage to your chopper. I really enjoyed Choplifter 3, and I reckon it proves once again that simple games are often the most fun.

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