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Breath of Fire

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Reviewed by Tim Breath of fire is about a young light dragon on a quest to defeat the dark dragons and avenge his sister. The actual game isn't nearly as simple as the plot may suggest. While it doesn't have as much depth some other RPG's. It does have many feature that make it worth a try.

Graphics B

There isn't much to talk about the graphics. They're pretty much what you'd expect for it's time. The only real flaw I found was that the characters lack facial expressions. I don't think just putting symbols above their heads (hearts, sweat, etc..) works well. They would work better if they were each given different poses like in Final Fantasy 3. (Laughing, angry, sad.) The battle animation helps make up for it though. Battles look more like real battles and less like board games. (ie. Final Fantasy with pictures for enemies)

Music and Sound B+

The music is very suiting for the situations and I don't think there are any music or sounds I found repetitive or annoying. Also, the battle and map music changes halfway through the game just so you don't get bored of them. The only reason it doesn't get an A is because this game needed just a few more songs for variety.

Game Challenge C+

I don't think this was intended to be overly hard but it could have been a little longer or had a few side quests. The boss battles are sufficiently challenging for the most part but some character skills can make them too easy. The biggest culprit is the hero's agni spell. As someone once said, once you have this spell, as long as you have at least two items that completely restore hit points there isn't an enemy in the world who can stop you. For those who don't know, agni combines all of your characters into a powerful dragon who's basic attack does maximum damage to all opponents. Once it's used, the battle just comes down to who can hold out the longest and if you can completely heal yourself, it will always be you.

Game Play-Fun B+

The game is far from perfect but it is fun to play. There are many plot twists and a few funny and touching scenes. The story is very unpredictable which also helps to keep you playing and you don't need to spent hours building up levels. The fun factor is what makes this game worth the rental.


This game does have it's share of annoying features. One is the way battles work. Instead of bringing up a character's menu when it's their turn, you enter all of your character's commands at the beginning of the round then each participant attacks in order of speed. This can sometimes cause problems, especially when your fighting an enemy who's faster than you. You end up having to cross your fingers and hope the enemy won't do something that will mess up your plan. This feature can also cause over killing your enemies. For example, say you're fighting a tough enemy who normally takes lots of hits to beat so you decide to use a really strong spell to beat him quickly. (Note. I'm speaking from personal experience here.) But the characters who go before the spell caster end up getting really lucky shots and they bring him down to near death before the spell is cast so you end up wasting a strong spell on a weak enemy. It doesn't happen often but it does happen. The only other annoying feature is how bosses always resist death. When you beat bosses they start to die then a message appears and the boss revives with a new hit point total. I don't understand why they do this and the biggest problem is that when they revive, you can no longer see their hit point meter which also can be a pain.

Replayability C

There is no replay value because of the lack of side quests. There are 2 endings but the bad ending is harder to get because you must beat the final boss fairly instead of using agni. There nothing new the second time around.

Game Value B-

This game is well worth the rental price but don't buy it because you'll get bored of it after beating it once.

Good or interesting features B+

This game does have some features that every RPG should have. One the trade-in option in stores. This allow you to buy new equipment and sell old equipment all in one step instead the usual the buy-equip-sell 3 step method. Another is the auto battle option. If you're fighting an enemy you can easily beat, choose auto battle and your characters will just continuously attack until the enemy is dead which saves a lot of time. The ability to fuse certain characters into one stronger one is also interesting.

Overall B

Overall, this was pretty for Capcom's first attempt at an RPG. It's definitely worth the rental but think twice about buying it.

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