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Beavis And Butt-Head

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Reviewed by Pat Beavis And Butt-Head is a game basically about the two couch potato's of MTV finding out that a cool GWAR concert is in their town, Highland. Since they don't have tickets, they decide to take pictures of them doing cool things. Well this is where the game starts, if you're familiar of the dynamic duo on MTV, this game is for you.

Graphics A+

The graphics are so similar to the cartoon on MTV that you feel like it's one of their episodes. So I gave it a A+ because it feels like the characters off the show, yet they look like Mike Judge drew the graphics on the game.

Music and Sounds B+

If you like to listen to heavy metal and rock, you should be able to figure out who's music that is on the level. It's music is in a MIDI form, and most of the music is by the band GWAR. So if you are not into rock and heavy metal, you will not recognize the music.

Game Challenge A

The game has A LOT of challenge behind the two misfits of TV. First of all the dogs jumping at you while you're on the clothesline or the fish tank in the mall. It requires A LOT skill to make it to the end and still to beat the game itself. So I say the game is for the advanced in game playing.

Game Play-Fun B-

It's fun at first to see Beavis and Butt-Head beat the living daylights out of people, but then after you beat it, the fun factor will keep dropping with the many times you play it. I warn you, beware of the loss of fun after you beat the game.


If you are an intimidated player of the Super NES, you will find this game real frustrating to beat the bosses. Let me just warn you that you will find frustration in a level somewhere. Anywhere you go there are more frustrations to overcome, each harder than the last.

Replayability C

The life of a game will just last until you beat it. It doesn't seem like a real fun game after you beat the GWAR stage. So if you like replayable games, then you may want to pass this one up in my opinion.

Game Value A

It's retail value right now is about $29.95, and it's worth it all. So if you want a game to really be satisfied with you will probably like the two dynamic duo of MTV's video game.

Laughing matters A

If you think what Beavis And Butt-Head do on TV, you can mimic them on the game. Like if you press the Y button, with Beavis, he will fart or Butt-Head will slap the living daylights out of Beavis, so funny!

Overall B+

After all the grudge is out of this game I think I'll give the game a try again, so I may just find it interesting after all. So until another game needs a review, so long!

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