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The 7th Saga

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Reviewed by Chris Halvorson 7th Saga is most defiantly one of the most outstanding examples of an RPG I have ever seen. It offers more choices in a person's gameplay than any other RPG of it's time, yet still has enough of a plot to keep one interested. It has 8 choices of characters, each one unique. However, when playing 7th Saga, you are not restricted to having only one character. Others among the characters you may select are computer-controlled and if you find them, you have the choice of interacting with them (including duels).

Graphics 3.5 out of 5

Graphics on 7th Saga tend to be extremely grainy. When one enters a battle, the screen zooms into the place where he "found" the battle. In battles, one can tell he is looking at what are commonly known as 'sprites', a 1-d method of showing characters.

Music and Sound 3.9 out of 5

The music and sound of this game again are not the forte. The game typically used light-hearted themes, except for in battles(of course-- who heard of Barney songs while fighting hoofed arch-demons?). The songs are not high quality, but they add an amount, however small, of themes and atmospheres.

Game Challenge 5 out of 5

This game is hard- I mean HARD. Do not expect to beat this game unless you have plenty of spare time. I have still not gotten the first out of seven runes with the easiest character, and my brother, a hard-core RPG gamer, has only gotten two of the seven, after spending about 40-50 hours on it. Again, don't hope to beat this game unless you have plenty of spare time.

Game Play-Fun 4.5 out of 5

Seventh Saga is a fun game, but it takes a while to learn about the game and get interested in it. The special part of this game is the fact that when you pick one character, the computer role-plays the rest of the characters. You can fight with them over runes, over goals once you find all seven of them, or just to fight. If a is passive toward or likes you, they may want to join you.


I have so many frustrations about this game I can't explain them all and bore you to death! So, just some generals: 1: Finding places. Arrgh! 2: That evil demon guy character. Just gets on my nerves! 3: Which runes to use when where? 4: the Tetujin talking in ALL CAPS. 5: What now? This game is extremely frustrating. Watch out!

Replayability 4.7 out of 5

This game has eight characters you can choose from, each with differing goals, personalities, magics, and abilities. Different combos of characters make for a better game overall. This makes for a different game each time.

Game Value 5 out of 5

This game is a gem if you like RPGs or if you haven't tried 'em. This is the best example of an RPG since Final Fantasy. It is defiantly worth the price to get a game like this- hey, not only is it a great time-passer, it's a collectors item among RPG gamers! I would appreciate it if Seventh Saga 2 had come out here, but it's only in Japan. Arrgh, one more thing to add to the frustration list!

Overall 4.3 out of 5

Overall, this game is remarkable. I mean- Fantastic. All they could do to make it better is touch it up, put better sound and graphics, cram it into a smaller case and make it for N64! It would be nice if they had the rumble pak rumble when you got hit too. The only reason no one voted for it for Nintendo Power magazine awards is no-one knows about it! Someone should raise awareness of this wonderful, yet somehow frustrating game.

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