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Jeopardy! Deluxe Edition

Typed out by Steve Begin U/SNS-7J-USA GAMETEK JEOPARDY! DELUXE EDITION Over 3,500 All-New Questions. Featuring Your Host Alex Trebek! INSTRUCTION BOOKLET SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM PAGE 2 ------ Warning: Please read the enclosed consumer information and precautions booklet carefully before using your Nintendo hardware system or game pak. PRESENTING JEOPARDY! Deluxe Edition FEATURING ALEX TREBEK for your SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM. With over 3,500 new questions in over 700 categories, amazing new digitized graphics and sound effects, you'll feel as if you're actually in the studio. Soon you'll experience the challenge of one of America's favorite TV game shows. THANK YOU for purchasing Gametek's Jeopardy! Deluxe Edition featuring Alex Trebek Game Pak for your Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Before you get started, please read this instruction manual thoroughly to ensure maximum enjoyment of your new Game Pak. Please save your manual in a convenient place for future reference. GAMETEK CUSTOMER SUPPORT Game Hint and Tip Line 1-900-903-GAME (4263) * 80c per minute charge * Touch tone phone required * Minors must have parental permission before calling * Available 24 hours Licensed by Nintendo Nintendo, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the official seals are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (C) 1991 Nintendo of America Inc. (C) 1993 Gametek Inc. (Official Nintendo Seal of Quality logo) This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has approved the quality of this product. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Super Nintendo Entertainment System. All Nintendo products are licensed by sale for use only with other authorized products bearing the official Nintendo seal of quality. (Gametek logo) Distributed by: Majesco Sales, Inc. 244 Fernwood Avenue, Edison, NJ 08837 800-826-0015 PAGE 3 ------ DELUXE JEOPARDY! DELUXE CONTENTS How to use your controller.............4 Control Pad............................4 (picture of a game screen) Setting up the game....................6 How to play Jeopardy!..................7 The Daily Double.......................9 (picture of the Daily Double How to play Double Jeopardy!..........10 screen) How to play Final Jeopardy!...........11 Message to players....................12 Hints on game play....................13 (picture of the Jeopardy Gametek Limited Warranty..............14 board) Compuserve Membership.................15 JEOPARDY!(R) is based on the television program produced by Merv Griffin Enterprises, a Sony Pictures Entertainment company. Copyright (C)1993 Jeopardy Productions, Inc. JEOPARDY! is a registered trademark of Jeopardy Productions, Inc. All rights reserved. Packaging and computer source codes (C)1993 Gametek, Inc. Gametek is a registered trademark of IJE, Inc. Nintendo(R), Super Nintendo Entertainment System(R) and the official seals are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (C)1991 Nintendo of America Inc. PAGE 4 ------ DELUXE JEOPARDY! DELUXE HOW TO USE YOUR CONTROLLER If 1 player plays alone or against the computer, only Controller #1 is used and the player will buzz in by pressing Button A or Button B. If 2 human players are competing, either alone or against the computer, Player #1 uses Controller #1 and Player #2 uses Controller #2. The players buzz in by pressing either Button A or Button B on their respective Controllers. (Please note that Button A and Button B are interchangeable when buzzing in). If 3 human players are competing, Player #1 and Player #2 will need to share Controller #1 and Player #3 will use Controller #2. Player #1 can buzz in by pressing down on the Control Pad and Player #2 can buzz in by pressing either Button A or Button B. Player #3 can buzz in by pressing down on the Control Pad on Controller #2 NOTE: The game can only be set up by entering the answers to the questions as they appear on the screen using Controller #1. CONTROL PAD In all rounds, pressing the Control Pad LEFT and RIGHT or UP and DOWN will move the cursor. Use the Control Pad to move the cursor over the desired letter or numbers comprising your response or around the board to choose a category and a dollar amount. The Control Pad is also used to change the value of a wager in the Daily Doubles. When spelling out your response, you can speed up the rate at which the cursor moves by simultaneously pressing the Control Pad in the desired direction along with Button X. PAGE 5 ------ DELUXE JEOPARDY! DELUXE CONTROL PAD SELECT Button BUTTON Y * Moves cursor * Chooses contestants * Not used * Buzzes in during a 3 player game (Player START Button BUTTON X #1 and #3) * Starts Game * Accelerates the cursor * Locks in answers on the answer screen (picture of the Super NES Control Pad) BUTTON B BUTTON A * Buzzes in during a 1 Player or * Buzzes in during a 1 Player or 2 2 Player game Player game * Deletes the previous letter entered * Locks in the desired category and when spelling out your response dollar value * Locks in the desired letters when spelling out the "question" PAGE 6 ------ DELUXE JEOPARDY! DELUXE SETTING UP THE GAME When setting up the game, only the responses entered using Controller #1 will be accepted. (picture of the game set-up screen) * To begin the game, Player #1 presses the START button. The game will begin only after the Jeopardy! introduction has been completed. * Player #1, select the number of HUMAN players that will compete (1-3) by moving the Control Pad Up and Down until the desired number is displayed. Press the START Button to lock in your selection. * If you have entered either 1 or 2 Players, then you may wish to play against a computer opponent. Player #1, make the selection by moving the Control Pad Up or Down until the desired answer appears. Press the START Button to lock in your selection. (picture of the game set-up screen) * Player #1, enter your name by moving the cursor over the desired letters using the Control Pad and locking them in by pressing Button A. Press START when finished. The names being entered can be no more than 5 letters long. If you make a mistake while entering a name, press Button B to delete each letter. (picture of the name entering screen) PAGE 7 ------ DELUXE JEOPARDY! DELUXE * Player #1, to choose your character, press SELECT until the desired contestant appears. Lock in your selection by buzzing in as prompted by the computer. (How you buzz in is determined by the number of players competing. See the previous section for details.) * Player #2 and #3, repeat steps 4 and 5. * Once all players have entered their names and characters the game will start. If you are playing against a computer player(s), their characters will appear on the screen prior to revealing the board for the first Jeopardy! round. HOW TO PLAY JEOPARDY! * The Jeopardy! board appears on the screen. The dollar values are placed on the board and then the Jeopardy! categories are revealed. Player #1 goes first; choose a category and a dollar value. To do this, move the cursor around the board by moving the Control Pad UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT. Lock in your selection by pressing either Button A or Button B. PLEASE NOTE: Categories are often abbreviated at the top of the column because of space limitations, but the same category is also spelled out at the bottom of the screen. * At this point, the categories may be changed by pressing the SELECT button. This must be done while the message is on the screen. (picture of the Jeopardy! board) * All players now get ready to respond. The answer will appear on the screen. You must wait until the STOP SIGN disappears and the timer starts to buzz in. Once the PAGE 8 ------ DELUXE JEOPARDY! DELUXE timer has begun to count down, you may buzz in using your Controller as explained on page 4, How to Use Your Controller. (picture of the 'press select' question) * The player who has buzzed in first will have total control of the board. The "answer" reappears on the screen along with the first part of the "question" (WHO IS... or WHAT IS... or WHAT ARE, etc.). On the bottom of the screen you will find an alphabet/number board in which the "question" is to be completed. To input your answer, move the highlighter over the letter(s) or number(s) you wish to select. To so this, move the Control Pad UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT. Once you have completed your selection, lock it in by pressing Button A. To delete a selection, press Button B. (picture of an "answer") * When you have completed your entry, press START to see if your response was correct. If you have responded correctly, the computer will display a message and add the appropriate amount to your earnings. If you have responded incorrectly, then the amount will be deducted from your earnings. * If the response is incorrect, the "answer" then reappears on the screen, and the remaining players get the chance to jump in again to try to supply the "question." (The player who answered incorrectly cannot try again.) (picture of the "entering the 'question'" screen) PAGE 9 ------ DELUXE JEOPARDY! DELUXE (picture of the 'correct question' screen) * If no player buzzes in and the timer runs out, then the correct "question" will appear on the screen. At this point, the same player will have control of the board. * The player who has given the last correct response will have control of the board. * Play will continue until the board has been cleared. THE DAILY DOUBLE * During play, a hidden Daily Double appears in one of the 30 windows on the board. (The placement of the Daily Double is random.) If you are the player who has uncovered the Daily Double, you automatically shut out the other players and get to try the "question" alone. * If you already have accumulated earnings, then you may wager as follows: a) Minimum wager is $5. b) If your accumulated earnings are less than the highest dollar value on the board, you may bet up to the highest dollar value on the board. c) If your accumulated earnings are greater that the highest dollar value on the board, then you may bet all or part of your winnings. (picture of the Daily Double screen) * If you do not have any accumulated earnings, or if you have a negative dollar amount, then you may place a wager up to the highest dollar value on the board. * The player's total earnings will appear in the wager box on the top of the screen. The player may change this wager by PAGE 10 ------- DELUXE JEOPARDY! DELUXE moving the cursor LEFT and RIGHT with the Control Pad and placing it over the number that they would like to change. The number is increased or decreased by moving the Control Pad UP and DOWN until the desired number appears. The player continues in this fashion until the desired wager is displayed on the board. Press START to lock in the wager. At this point, the "answer" will appear and the timer will begin counting down, and the player must input his or her "question." (picture of the wager entry Daily Double screen) * If your response is correct, the value of your wager is added to your score; if incorrect, it is deducted. * Only the player who has picked the Daily Double will be given the chance to answer. If the player answers correctly, then play continues and the player makes another selection from the board. (picture of the "question entering" Daily Double screen) * In the Jeopardy! round there is one Daily Double. In the Double Jeopardy! round there are two. HOW TO PLAY DOUBLE JEOPARDY! * Once the Jeopardy! board is completed, the Double Jeopardy! round begins. (picture of the Double Jeopardy! screen) * The player with the least amount of PAGE 11 ------- DELUXE JEOPARDY! DELUXE (picture of the 'press select option' screen) accumulated earnings will start the Double Jeopardy! round. * Double Jeopardy! is played in the same manner as the Jeopardy! round except that the categories will change and the dollar values on the board will double ($200-$1,000). HOW TO PLAY FINAL JEOPARDY! (picture of the category of Final Jeopardy! screen) PLEASE NOTE: Only players showing a positive dollar amount accumulated at the end of the Double Jeopardy! round will be allowed to compete in the Final Jeopardy! round. * First, the Final Jeopardy! category will be displayed. At this time, the computer will prompt a contestant to place his or her wager. (The player with the least amount of money going into the Final Jeopardy! round will go first. All other players must turn their heads away from the screen at this point and cannot turn around until the player ha completed entering his/her wager.) Press START to continue. (picture of the answer entering screen of Final Jeopardy!) * A player may bet all, part, or none of his/her accumulated earnings. After the wager has been placed, the "answer" will appear on the screen. The player must enter a response at this time. Press START to lock in the response. (All other players must PAGE 12 ------- DELUXE JEOPARDY! DELUXE turn their heads away from the screen at this point and cannot turn around until the player has completed entering his/her response). (picture of the "answer" of the Final Jeopardy! screen) * Continue in this manner until all contestants have placed their bets and have entered their responses. * The computer will now reveal the answer to the Final Jeopardy! question. Then each player's responses and wagers will be revealed. At this time, the computer will display a message telling the player if his or her response was correct or incorrect. If the response was correct, then the wager will be added to the player's accumulated earnings. If incorrect, then it will be deducted. This continues until all of the player's "questions" and wagers are revealed. (picture of the "computer reveal questions of the player" screen) The player with the highest earning will be the NEW JEOPARDY! CHAMPION. PLEASE NOTE: TO BEGIN A NEW GAME, PRESS START. MESSAGE TO PLAYERS This Game Pak uses a program which randomly accesses the puzzles. When your Super Nintendo Entertainment System is turned off, the entire question file is cleared. The categories and the "answers" are chosen at random by the computer, so although there are over 3,500 "answers" in over 700 categories, repetition may occur. If, during a PAGE 13 ------- DELUXE JEOPARDY! DELUXE round, you get a category that has appeared numerous times, you may change the categories displayed by pressing Button A when prompted. You will only be allowed to change the board when the message is being displayed on the screen. Please note that the categories have numerous "answers," therefore, just because the same category has appeared, it does not mean that you will receive the same "answers." This game has been programmed to utilize the full TV screen. Since some older model TV sets have rounded screens, a portion of the image may be blocked out. HINTS ON GAME PLAY * Words should be spelled as accurately as possible. The program will allow for some minor misspellings. Be sure to check your "questions" before locking them in. * If your "answer" deals with a person, try to give his/her full name; if applicable, a full title (ie. George Washington or Henry VIII). * If the "question" is number oriented, the program will allow for the spelling of the number or its numeric equivalent. * Spacing between words is optional. * When entering "questions," the cursor can be accelerated by pressing the desired direction on the Control Pad and Button X, simultaneously. PAGE 14 : 90-DAY LIMITED WARRANTY (not written) PAGE 15 ------- DELUXE JEOPARDY! DELUXE FREE INTRODUCTORY COMPUSERVE MEMBERSHIP (not written) Gametek Customer Service (910) 222-5190 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Eastern Time. Gametek would like to thank the following people for their time and effort in creating the Deluxe Edition of Jeopardy! for your Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Developed by Gametek Executive Producer Elizabeth Curran Programmed by Gary Lindquist Manual Written by Elizabeth Curran Art by Curt Toumanian Manual Edited by Stacey Ruderman Photography by Darren Banditson Manual Design by Griffes Advertising Audio by Mark VanHecke Package Design by Steve Curran Produced for Gametek by Neil Plakcy Illustration by Richard Romeo BACK COVER ---------- Distributed by: Majesco Sales, Inc. 244 Fernwood Avenue Edison, NJ 08837 800-826-0015 (GameTek logo) Printed in USA

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