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Sent in by Eclypso At the before the last level Panthera dies BUT you receive a new member: the legendary XARDION after he joins you in the last level you can't proceed you go find the three guardians and receive L-arrow for XARDION then you can destroy the artificial sun once you reach the three corridors pick middle you'll fight the boss now here is the ending as it turns out a scientist tried the to stop the planet from dieing by bringing it to life but it started to create monsters and everyone died the scientists last orders to the super computer was to protect his daughter BUT she died so the computer made a hologram of her and protected it as the plant drifted into the alpha 1 solar system it started the war to protect the hologram BUT after you destroy the guardian of NGC-1611 the hologram deactivates causing the plant to .. well.. shut down and then has a part I don't understand here is what it says "200 years later, a living planet," then theres two guys talking they hope that that was the last of war and then they see XARDION and they wonder if the planets Geosystem will ever live again and then it says ... This is where the next story begins.

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