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Wanderers From Y's 3

Sent in by Mike Waters Adol talks to Elena who tells him that Chester is the only one who knows how to destroy the island. The 2 of them escape and Chester destroys the island, but also dies himself. Adol and Dogi agree to leave early so no one will notice. Adol talks to Mr. Gardner about what he will do when he leaves Redmond. Then Dogi asks Adol if he is going to say goodbye to Elena. Adol says that it is better this way and they walk off. After a time, Elena runs toward the 2, and Adol and Dogi wave their arms as if to say, "Come with us." Then a tear rolls down Elena's cheek and she smiles. It has a lot to say about Adol and his adventures. Two statements that I really liked say this: "The river of life continues to ebb and flow. Only those with the drive and courage will answer life's call." Then you see different areas of the game as the credits are displayed. Then a picture of Elena slowly fades in and the words The End appear in the corner.

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