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Ultraman: Towards the Future

Sent in by Mike Waters A starry scene is viewed from overhead, and you see Ultraman out of his uniform and his super size, then it goes to credits. This is on default difficulty. This is the ending on expert difficulty. After the end of level bonuses are awarded, Ultraman is seen flying up into space. As he flies, he emits stardust for a while, then flies off the screen. The stardust falls to a desert (or maybe a plateau on Earth, where it forms Jack Shindo, the man in whose molecular structure Ultraman had been dwelling while on Earth. Jack looks down at something glowing blue in his hand, which I assume must be the amulet he used to transform into Ultraman (if it's not, I have no idea what it is), then looks up to the sky. The screen fades out, and the next thing to be shown is Ultraman flying through space in I suppose we might call second person view, since we are looking at him from the front (he is flying toward the player) as the credits are displayed. At the end of the credits, a shooting star flies past, apparently headed for Earth. A sign of trouble perhaps? Save that for the nonexistent sequel. After the shooting star goes past, the screen fades again and the words "Presented By Bandai" are displayed, after which the game goes back to the Bandai logo.

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