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Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Sent in by Sylver You end up in the black gate sanctuary, and kill the leader of the church and his two flunkies (to make this easy, cast death vortex on yourself, yes yourself). You then take the square, triangle, and spherical pieces and place them in the respective slots to lower the barrier around the black gate. The Guardian gives you (the Avatar) a choice, since the gate is his (her) only way home. If you choose to go through the gate, then all is well until a few years down the line, when the guardian comes to earth and kills everybody. To destroy the gate, you need the crazy wizard's magic wand...the one that makes blackrock blow up. The guardian starts reaching through, but since the gate is made of solid blackrock, it'll shatter and the guardian will scream his curses at the Avatar, and you'll be left with no way home.

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