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True Lies

Sent in by Mike Waters Aziz has Dana cornered on the roof, but luckily Harry has beaten his top henchman in time to save her. Dana dangles from a crane hook and falls, but Harry has his harrier jet right there to catch her. Aziz jumps onto it and he and Harry shoot at each other. Aziz falls off and his belt is caught on a missile. Harry fires the missile and just like in the movie says, "You're fired!" Aziz screams in terror as he sees the helicopter in front of him, but can do nothing as the missile hits the helicopter and explodes, sending the chopper to the ground and Aziz to you-know-where. The next screen shows Harry hugging Dana, a small trickle of blood on his forehead, then he and his wife tango as the credits roll, playing a slightly altered version of the song from the slope where the skiers chase you.
Sent in by Rey

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