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Total Carnage

Sent in by James Beech After you defeat the final version of Gen. Ahkboob's vechicle, about 30-40 Ahkboobs jump out and try to escape. You must prevent them all from escaping. Also, you must gather enough keys during the game, to be allowed to entire the, "Midway Pleasure Dome." Should both these feats be accomplished, the ending is as follows: The game shows the Midway Pleasure Dome in the background as some text scrolls. The text, of course, congratulates you on putting Ahkboob in prison, saving lots of hostages, recovering gems, and recovering enough keys to enter the Pleasure Dome. Next, you are at the entrance to the Pleasure Dome, and you are once again controlling your character. As the screen scrolls forward, you walk through the Dome collecting tons upon tons of gems. Then, at the end, you walk into the final room, and the game switches to a still shot of the guys the guys from Super Smash TV and your guys, surrounded by women in Bikinis. Text scrolls again, saying you have earned the right to rest with the other heros of Midway. Then the credits role.

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