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Tetris Attack

Sent in by Kewlio

1 player Endless

I got more that 1 hour of play, 99 speed and 999,999 points. It gives you a password. Try it!

Time Trial

Maybe if you get enough points, you get a password. I never got one here.

Vs. Com


You end after Naval Pirahna is beaten. It just encourages you to go for normal.


You end after Bowser is beaten. Well, he's not gone yet. You get a password for Xtra hard. Then, the ending continues as the Normal level one.

Xtra hard

You end after bowser is... Beaten. Oops You used a continue for Yoshi. He's still not gone. I hope you have a password for before you did that. Defeated. Perfect! Bowser's out of there! You get a better ending, finishing with: "Now let's go play together... Together under the clearest of blue skies."
Sent in by Hank M. in the normal "vs." mode, yoshi runs down the rainbow as the credits roll. then the game asks you to play the next level. after beating that level, the game gives you a code (if you don't use any continues) to a secret level. after beating that level, it shows bowser fading out asking the typical, "how's" and "this can't be's" then it shows Yoshi as described above, this time, with words from his friends and little Yoshi.
Sent in by Rey

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