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Tetris and Dr. Mario

Sent in by Jordan M. Davis When you beat Tetris (1 player, Game A or B) with a high enough score to place you in the top 3, you're shown a purple screen with a Congratulations message, your score, your level, and a random rotating Tetris block. You're then taken to the high score screen where you can enter your name with up to 6 characters. Beating the computer or a second player in the VS. modes (both Tetris and Dr. Mario) regardless of your playing level just says that YOU WIN followed by a brief fanfare. For the 1 player Dr. Mario game, the only acknowledgement you are given for improvement comes after you defeat a Level 20 screen. If you're on easy difficulty, you get a purple screen with the word CONGRATULATIONS. If playing on medium or hard difficulty, you get the same screen but with a giant blue virus character at the lower center portion of the screen.

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