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Sent in by The Dark Lich Firstly, to beat Dark Gaia, You must have a level of 32 (?)/ 33 or higher. Then Dark Gaia explodes, then a caption comes up saying Defeated Dark Gaia! Then you and your counterpart in the Overworld talk, then you go back to the village, and find everyone gone. Yomi then appears, and says that he is what all things evolved from. Then he goes back to the box to sleep "until someone strays from the flock". Then, Light Gaia talks to you and says that your body will soon disappear, and to enjoy your last day in Crysta in peace. You are put in the Weaver's cottage, and are able to move around the place like in the beginning, but there are a few changes. Everybody is nice, there's no Elder, and the door to where Yomi was is "a broom closet". Then once you go to bed, Elle (the Underworld one) appears and says something about why she was going to kill you. Then it says: (your character) fell into a deep sleep. He dreamed his last dream. Then the credits roll with you as a bird flying around with scenes like a train and a jet thing. It then finishes off with the Overworld Elle in her house and coming to the door at midnight after hearing someone knock. It then says: THE END

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