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Tecmo Secret of the Stars

Sent in by Aaron Cohen After defeating Homncruse in his final form, you go back to the UFO and see the main character's father. He tells you that you can go back with him to a special place where all of the Aquatallions live. Then it shows your town with all of the people in it wondering what you will do. You decide to stay and the villagers are very happy. The UFO leaves and flies through the stars while the credits roll. If you wait for all of the credits to go by it shows Uncle Save in the same place he is in the opening. He finishes up reading the story he started reading at the beginning of the game to the boy who asked him to read it. He finishes up reading the story and sees that the kid fell asleep. He says "oh well, that was the best story I have ever read". Then it cuts back to the UFO flying and it says THE END.

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