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Super Street Fighter 2

Sent in by Eatbugs When you win on level 1-2, you get this message: Congratulations! Presented by CAPCOM Why don't you try the harder difficulty level? When you win on level 3-8, you get to see your character's ending. When you win on level 6-8, without continuing, you see your character's ending, followed by a screen where the cast of character scrolls by. On this screen, the 16 world warriors appear, one at a time, in one of the four corners of the screen. The characters assume their starting pose the first time through, perform a strong punch or kick the second time, and perform a special move animation the third time. The cast is listed in the following order: Ryu, Ken, E. Honda, Chun Li, Blanka, Zangief, Guile, Dhalsim, T. Hawk, Fei Long, Dee Jay, Cammy, Balrog, Vega, Sagat, M. Bison. After that's finished, there's a group shot of the 16 world warriors, and each is in one of their winning stances (except Balrog). Above the shot is the obligatory message: Presented by CAPCOM When you win on level 6-8, using at least one continue, you see your character's ending, followed by 8 battles featuring the 16 world warriors. Fights last for a few seconds, ending with each fighter assuming a winning pose, and their name appears on screen. You will see different pairings of fighters depending on the character used to finish the game, but the last matchup is always Ryu vs. Ken. You then get the following message: Congratulations! Thanks for playing! Presented by CAPCOM Character Endings The endings for most of the 8 original world warriors (Ryu, Ken, Guile, E. Honda, Blanka, Zangief, and Dhalsim) haven't changed much at all from the previous games.

Chun Li

Chun Li assumes the winning pose where she bows her head, and she says: "Father, your death is avenged. Now that I have destroyed Bison, his empire will surely collapse. Finally, you can rest in peace..." Next, the game gives you the choice as to what Chun Li will do next: What will you do now that you are a champion? Return to a normal life. Continue being a detective. You see the same picture no matter which option you choose; the differences are in the text and the clothing of the characters. If you return to a normal life, Chun Li is wearing a black outfit, and she is surrounded by a bunch of geeks. The following conversation takes place: "Hey! That girl is too cool for a putz like you! She belongs with a stud like me!" "I belong to no one! Next time show a little respect when talking to a champion!" "I'm sorry! I didn't recognize you! You're that new champion, Chun Li! Forget an autograph! You have a kick that I'll always remember." "Let's go. I guess he had to learn the hard way." "Y... Yes, let's go..." If you choose to continue being a detective, Chun Li is wearing blue jeans and a purple jacket, and she is surrounded by geeks, one of which is holding a gun this time. "So, you came here alone? You must be stupid!" "Don't mess with me! I'm a detective!! Surrender now or feel the power of my lightning kick!" "Everyone run! It's her!" "No one can escape from my mighty legs! Be good boys and give up and I may not hurt you!"

T. Hawk

T. Hawk moves over to Bison, picks him up by the throat, and questions him: "You drove my people from their home land! Why!?" "Because I can take whatever I want... Even you cannot do anything about that!" "Wrong Bison! I know how to deal with trash like you!" T. Hawk is then shown standing atop a cliff looking into the distance. The picture grows lighter as the text goes along. "Here is my homeland. Here is where I belong!" Under his eyes spread the desolate plain. No sign of life can be seen anywhere. But he feels his blood boiling deep within his heart. "I'll reconstruct this place at all costs." T. Hawk raises his arms: "No one shall ever disgrace my land and people again! I swear upon the honor and blood of our tribe!"

Fei Long

After Fei Long wins, a funny little man runs onscreen and tries to get him to be a movie star: "You're great! I've never seen combos like that! I'd like to get that Four Fierce Re-dizzy combo on film! I can make you a star!" "No thanks! There could never be another legend like the great one and his son! I will honor their memory by training harder for the real fight so someday I can pass on my knowledge." Fei Long jumps off screen. Then the scene switches to a statue, and under that is a large group of guys training to fight. There are millions of martial arts students around the world. The memory of the greatest teacher the art has known lives on as students train around his monument from morning to night... Perhaps Fei Long is with them.

Dee Jay

The screen fades out, and you see his matchup screen picture on the right and his winning pose with the maracas on the left. "I got it! This is it! Got the two-in-one rhythm I've been looking for! Check it out. Knocked him down...kissin' the ground! Combo'd that punk--ya Bison's a clown!" Then you see two kids dancing to Dee Jay's music. With a flame for outrageous action and lyrics, Dee Jay went on to create a new kind of music. "This new song is jammin'. Dee Jay is so cool!" Now you see Dee Jay on stage in front of a large crowd. The stadium is packed wherever he plays.


Cammy goes over and confronts Bison: "Tell me about my past, Bison!" "How could you forget me, Cammy? Don't you remember I..." "All that I remember is that you set me up! But only succeeded in scarring my face! How could you do this to me?" "I had feelings for you! I did not try to destroy you! You had an unfortunate accident and lost your memory! Don't you remember? We were in love!" Next you see a shot of Cammy with a pained look on her face, standing in front of a sunset. "No! This can't be possible! I couldn't fall in love with a man like you!" The background rotates to show a group of people dressed like Cammy, who are apparently her comrades. Cammy turns to face them. "Our mission has been completed. Let's go home." "Wait! If what he says is true, I'm not the person I thought I was!" Don't believe that scum ball, Cammy!! No one could love a loser like him." "You're right! Now Bison can be scarred with the nightmare of defeat!" The last shot is of their helicopter hovering in the distance. "Let's go home guys!"


Balrog is shown standing atop a winner's platform, but no one is on the second or third place spaces. He assumes his standard winning pose. "I made it!! I'm the strongest fighter in the world!!!" Believing in his ability and strength, Balrog finally made his dream of being number one come true. "Only in America baby!!!" Then you see a shot of Balrog sitting on a couch, alone I might add (courtesy of Nintendo's censors), wearing a gold suit. Bags of money are just sitting around the place. "Now this is the life...Ya know what I'm saying?"


Vega has a rose in his mouth. "Ha, ha, ha! Now I'm the grand champion... Not to mention the most beautiful fighter on the planet Earth!" Another picture of Vega slides in from the right, and his claw is extended. Vega back at his mansion continues to praise himself on his victory and beauty. Perhaps he is the world's biggest narcissist. "Who's next?!"


Sagat is shown wearing what looks like red cape or robe. He has his hand in front of him holding a red strap (part of the cape/robe?). His eyepatch is covering his right eye, btw. "The title of 'World's Strongest'. This is not the first time I have held it. Last time I lost it to a mere boy, but never again..." A picture of Ryu, facing away, appears behind Sagat. Deep down Sagat knows that Ryu is more than just a lucky boy. The great scar on his chest reminds him every day of just how much untapped power Ryu has! Sagat clenches his hand into a fist, and it begins to tremble. "No! I will not underestimate you again Ryu. Next time we meet, one of us will not survive!!!"

M. Bison

M. Bison is shown hovering above a world consumed by blue flames. "No one is left to interfere with my scheme now. Not even the 'Ancient One' was brave enough to challenge me. The world is mine!!" Under Bison's rule, the world was wrapped in the darkness of one man's evil. M. Bison, the king of chaos... Will anyone ever defeat this evil scum bag???

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