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Super R-Type

Sent in by Mike Waters This is the ending on easy difficulty. After the ships get out(as the previous ending stated), it shows the R9 flying away from the planet, which explodes behind the R9. Then you get a thank you message for saving the galaxy. The one with the screen with comments is in novice difficulty. The screen says, "Mission Accomplished! And yet this was only training." and something else along the lines of try a harder level. When The End appears in this ending, under this it says, "Let's try the harder level". As a bonus, if you beat hard mode, according to the book, it enables the pro difficulty. Someone let me know if you've beaten pro mode. The ending for normal mode is the same as the one for easy, except I noticed a shooting star which may not have been on the easy ending (it's been a while since I've beaten easy, which is why I'm unsure). In any case, whatever change was made was a very minuscule one and was a real disappointment to me, as normal mode required a lot more effort (and I do mean a LOT) than easy did, so I expected to get a better ending.
Sent in by Buzard245 When the final boss explodes, four other spaceships just like your's (except the parts of your ship that are blue are yellow on they're ships) come out of the explosion and start following you though a tunnel. There is a flood of fire coming after you, and the yellow ships aren't fast enough and are enveloped in the flames. One of them doesn't make it. After a while you get to an area with a thick wall ahead, and automatically you gather energy and shoot a giant fireball at it. Part of the wall blows off, and then the three yellow ships come and do the same until there is a hole, and everyone leaves. Then the whole thing blows up. As soon as that's done, there is a board with some comments (no credits) and when you press any button it says "THE END".
Sent in by Rey

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