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Super Mario RPG

Sent in by Matt First it shows Geno telling Mario to shove the star way up high. All the stars turn different colors and fall on Geno. Geno then returns to his natural form and leaves the doll. Then Exor, (The big sword) disintegrates. Then it shows what the others are doing. Mallow is being welcomed by Nimbus Land, Croco feeds Yoshi a cookie and loses while Raz, Raini, and baby Yoshi look on. Boshi then walks away with Croco. Valentina is trying to get wed to Booster but he'd rather have Toadstool. Dodo is left starring, confused what's going on. Toadofsky is using the song you made to the choir and Frogfusious comes up too. Bowser is repairing his castle as well as teaching a Shy Guy a thing or two about riding his Koopa Copter. Johnathan Jones is looking into the sunset and the last star sees Mario, Toadstool, Toad, the Chancellor, and Yoshi congratulating you. Then the parade begins. Luigi is the band leader, Mallow slams his cymbals to get into the band, and the tadpoles finally get their legs. Croco steals from Bowser and he goes chasing after them. Then Dyna and Myte sneak onto the huge Bob-bomb float from Moleville. Booster sees his Snifits trying to catch a beetle and sees something he likes. Then here come the Snifits with Croco's bag, Booster in Bowser's Koopa Copter, with Bowser chasing, and beetles flying by. Smithy makes an appearance on the broken Blade, and smashes Bowser, Mack, and Yaridovoch. Dodo comes in carrying Valentina, and when he slows down, she hits him. Dodo wonders why and then walks along. Jonny Jones and his ship come along, and Geno lights up the night. Then here come the mushroom Kingdom residents with a glowing Mushroom and Flower. Then Toad and the Chancellor on Yoshi walk by with Mario and princess on a star. Geno comes in and Mario and Toadstool wave to him. Then fireworks start and (depending on how many fireworks you bought in Moleville) you will get a Mushroom, Flower, or Star fireworks. Then Geno comes up and spells "THE END" and if you wait long enough, you will hear the Mario Bros. Theme song.
Sent in by Rey

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