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Super Mario All-Stars

Sent in by Sean Kelly

Super Mario Bros. and The Lost Levels

After you beat bowser, the princess thanks you and you start a more difficult game after you beat that game. The princess congratulates you and says hurrah.

Super Mario Bros. 2

After beating wart, you go into a room with a jug with a cork on it your character opens the cork and the subcons come out. Then it goes to a screen which shows how many times you played each character. then it goes to a screen with mario sleeping showing that the whole game was just a dream then he wakes up for a second and he goes to sleep again then it shows all the characters names and then is says The end.

Super Mario Bros. 3

After beating Bowser you go into the Red door and you find the princess crying than she comes to you and say "Thank You Mario, But Our Princess is in another castle. just kidding ha ha ha, bye bye". Than a curtain goes down and then it comes up again showing all of the worlds. Then the curtain comes down and it says the end.
Sent in by Rey

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