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Super Ghouls and Ghosts

Sent in by James P The wall behind the big boss falls, and the Princess comes out. Text then scrolls across the screen about how her bracelet was powerful. It then goes and shows all the characters. It then has a picture of Arthur powering up for a lightening attack.
Sent in by Matt If you get to the last level without the fairy bracelet you kill the smaller version of the boss and see the princess telling you that you have to go back and get the bracelet. If you get the bracelet then after you beat the mini boss you go into a large throne room. There you face the incredibly large boss. After a long battle with him (having to ride on these stupid platform things) he explodes. The you see the princess in a orb hovering over the knights head. She stays up there a while then comes down and tells the knight how he destroyed the evil empire and saved her. It then shows the two riding across a grassy field on a white stallion.
Sent in by Rey

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