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Super Castlevania 4

Sent in by Mike Welling After you kill Dracula, he is consumed by flames when a window breaks with sunlight flowing in on Dracula. Dracula changes into a number of bats. One after the other, the bats disappear into flames expect for one that flies to the ground. When the bat lands, the screen brightens up and the bat disappears. After collecting the magic orb, your score and remaining hearts are added up for points. (Now the beginning of the ending starts.) The screen fades and is replaced with a scene of Simon, back towards you, looking at Dracula's castle (Castlevania) with a sunrise rising up from the ocean (not coming from the ocean, but it appears that way.) Castlevania crumbles to the ground. Another fade out, and then the credits begin with computer animation shots of Simon going through his adventure. When the credits are done the words "Presented by Kanomi" appear. If you press Start on the controller, the words will fade out and a second more difficult game will begin. It's the same game stages but with more enemies then the first game. It's much easier then the second game in Castlevania 3.
Sent in by Rey

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