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Street Fighter Alpha 2

Sent in by Bryan Sweeney This game has many endings. The main part of it is listed here: M.Bison: After he beats Ryu, he takes him to a lab to brianwash him. It also says that he resists but can he hold up? Dalhshim: He beats M.Bison and then goes to clens his soul. His wife says that he saved the village and he agrees but only after the persisting. Zangief: A president come to offer him a contract saying he will empower Mother Russia. Katana: He says that he will rebuild his gang with sumo wrestlers. Also he sees E.Honda from Street Fighter 2. Bridie: After he beats Bison, he tells him he doesn't wanna join and then says watch your back. Sakrua: After she beats Ryu she is told that Ryu is still learning and can't be her master. Ryu gives her a picture and then she show it to a friend. She has many questions in her head now. Gen: After his battle, he says that he would rather die fighting than anything else. Sagat: After beating Ryu he says that it was a hollow victory. He needs to find a new move on his own. Charlie: Charlie says that a chopper is coming to arrest Bison but it kills Charlie instead. He didn't understand why. Rose: Rose says that she should not be having dreams of Bison any more after his defeat, but she gets an image of him. Ronleto: He says that the world leaders should let him try to unite their armies with his. Dan: After he beats Sagat he starts a school of his art of fighting in honor of his dad.
Sent in by Henry Lam Chan After you beat arcade mode: Adon beats Sagat. Then a few weeks or months later Adon is at the arena and someone comes up to him and says that his last warrior was defeated by someone with red hair. Adon knew it was Akuma and he had the same powers as Ryu so that is the end. Chun-Li defeats Bison but he escapes. Then she finds out what happened to her father. Bison was the one that killed her father. She then seeks revenge and vows that this time is the last time she will ever cry again. Guy finds the secret to Bushin style. Then his master appears and talks to him. His master congratulates him on finding the secret. Then he decides to strive to be the master. Ken beats Ryu, but it was just a friendly battle. He knew something was wrong with Ryu because he lost. So he gave something to Ryu and they promise they will meet again some other day to fight and challenge each other again.
Sent in by Mike Waters Ryu's ending: Ryu stands in Akuma's island as is begins to disappear. Akuma says, "You possess the same power that I do. When the evil intent awakens within you, then you will know. All these past battles will seem like child's play. What? The island is disappearing! When you learn to summon all of your inner power, find me. Then we will learn who is truly more powerful." As the island disappears, so does Akuma, leaving behind the feeling of his evil presence. "Akuma!" (At this point, Ryu is in the water, floating.) Left only with the sense of his untapped powers, Akuma's words give Ryu yet another test. Ryu's quest to become a true warrior is neverending. Then it shows the credits and you enter your initials if you earned the right to.
Sent in by Henry Lam Chan If you beat all the computer bosses with Akuma. his ending is when he is standing on a cliff. He is wondering what would happen since his challenger is so worthy. He is scared of losing. Then he stares at the moon and Ryu and M. Bison show.

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