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Street Fighter 2: World Warrior

Sent in by Mike Waters Here's Dhalsim's ending. He rides home on an elephant saying, "Now I can return home. I have been gone for so long." Then you see Dhalsim with his son and the son is pointing to a picture of Dhalsim fighting Bison. He says, "Dad, what's the picture?" Dhalsim replies, "That's your dad is his earlier life."
Sent in by Jason Bergeron Ryu: Wins the tournament but doesn't show up at the award ceremony ie.. he is seen walking into the sunset looking for the next challenge! (Same ending on all the Street Fighter games except Alpha!) Ken: Marries his fiance and lives happily ever after. Guile: Defeats Bison and avenges his friends death, then runs into the arms of his wife! Chung Lee: Defeats Bison for the murder of her father and places flowers on his grave! Blanka: Finds his mother after all these years! Zang Gief: Meets Michael Gorbochov and does the Russian Polka with him! E. Honda: Becomes the Sumo Champ and sits down and eats rice!

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