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Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Crossroads of Time

Sent in by Tim Tanason In the end on Gul Gugry's ship after you disengage the self destruct you contact the station and they beam you back. Then 3 more Cardassean Ships come and they fire on the other Cardassean ship and blow it up. Gul Dukat then beams over and says that Gugry was not told to do that or something. Then Dukat is about to leave and Sisko says "We'll be watching you Dukat" Then he beams out. It show DS9 and Dukat leaves on his ship and it shows another ship coming through the wormhole. At The bottom it says Station Log SD 83628.5: Dukats ship left today and every thing is back to normal, but I know better then to expect peace and Quiet, after all, this is Deep Space Nine. then it show the station and credits.

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