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Star Fox

Sent in by Kris Asick When you beat the last boss, you will fly out of the fortress before it explodes. Once it's gone and you're out, the Star Fox team checks in with you. If they're gone, they wont be there. Afterwards, you fly away from Venom with a camera view spinning around your ships. Then, it stops behind the Arwings and brings up your individual level scores, then scrolls them away and gives you a total score and average percentage. Before the ships warp out, Fox McCloud and General Pepper speak to each other briefly with actual voices. Next, you get to see short descriptions of each boss you fought with a 3d view beside it. Now credits roll by using the 3d engine while a very well mixed theme is played. Soon afterwards, the words "THE END" come up on the screen and your scores are posted once again in the corner of the screen, and everything sits still until you turn the power off. If you wait long enough (5 to 12 minutes) on the ending screen with "THE END" on it, a solo flute will play a short tune. I accidentally dicovered this when I was trying to look for a pen to write my score down on. When it ends, it restarts it's timer and will play the tune again another several minutes later. I have no idea why it's there either, but it is.
Sent in by Rey

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