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Secret of Evermore

Sent in by Benjamin Eibert After defeating Carltron, Ruffleberg shuts him off and realizes that now the bad influences are disappearing from Evermore, the Good influences are causing an imbalance in Evermore. The hero goes off in the escape pod and collects all of the Podunk-natives and brings them to the Professor's Lab. They all proceed to leave and they all end up back in Podunk. The Closing scenes are of the colonies of evermore and how they are fairing after the good people's departure. The last credit thanks you and your dog for saving Evermore.
Sent in by Pavel Zavala If you wait until the word "THE END" and wait a little time you will see the robot that wanted to killed you cleaning the machine were you went back to Podunk, then the professor enters and says to the robot "No more plans to conquer the world O.K." and the robot replies "dust, dust, clean, clean" and the professor says "O.K "(or something like that) and then the robot make an evil face and after that, the message, the end will appear with a "?".

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