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Samurai Showdown

Sent in by Mike Waters Amakusa stands on the screen and exclaims crazily that he left you alone but must now finish you. But then his crystal breaks and he disappears. For Haohmaru: he leaves his lover because, as he puts it, he is a rebel guy and they must part. Haohmaru then fights Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury, then after the fight says, "Whoa. What a fight! I'm speechless - not!" Then the referee throws confetti and claps for you as it says, "Congratulations!" Then as the credits go by, all of the characters as they appear on victory screens are shown, with 2 intermissions - one has 3 women in kimonos, and one has Nakoruru's falcon flying with its offspring and Poppy and his/her (I have no idea what gender Poppy is now) puppies.
Sent in by Rey

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