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Ninja Warriors

Sent in by Mike Waters Once Banglar is on the floor dead, we see through the eyes of the androids. A message appears that says, "Mission Accomplished", and the sight blinks red. Suddenly, the 3 androids explode(so sad that the 2 heroes and the heroine have to die). The base explodes time and again, and the following text appears: "Banglar was defeated by the 3 androids. It was a great victory for the rebel forces. Several months later, Mulk became the new president. The chip that enabled the androids to think on their own had not been developed yet. They were programmed to self-destruct to avoid any further problems. Mulk's new army became far more powerful than Banglar's forces had been. And the people, knowing this, thought to themselves, 'Some things never change.'" Then we see the credits as some good music plays.
Sent in by Rey

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