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Ninja Gaiden Trilogy

Sent in by Jordan M. Davis The endings of the games are the same as they were in the original NES versions. However, for some strange reason, Tecmo decided to leave out the credits that were present in the NES games. So players are actually robbed of a decent music track and a recap of all the good cinemas, and are given no idea of who the games creators were. A GAME OVER screen is all that awaits you after the following:

Ninja Gaiden

Having defeated Jaquio, Ryu rushes back to his dying father. His father reveals that his life is almost over, decrees Ryu a man, and tells him that his "destiny was tied to the demon statue." He then orders Ryu to take the female secret agent and escape. Ryu screams for his father as the scene fades to black. Jaquio's Amazon Ruins palace crumbles to the ground with earth-shattering force and fiery explosions. Ryu, now unmasked, and the secret agent are standing on a jungle cliff, when the agent receives a page through a small transmitter from lead agent Foster. Foster orders her to snatch the demon statues, kill Ryu and escape. Confused, the agent quickly questions this order, when Ryu snatches away the transmitter and lays into Foster. He comes to the realization that Foster's plan all along had been to gain the demonic power for himself. Ryu claims that he gets two kinds of payment--the first he has already received, and the second is Foster himself. Ryu throws the throws the transmitter off the cliff carrying the protesting Foster's voice away. The secret agent turns to him and asks what the payment is that he has already received. He replies, "she's standing right in front of me." They kiss, and the secret agent reveals her name to be Irene Lew. The watch the sunset quietly and the game ends.

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos

After Jaquio is defeated for the second time, the Dark Sword of Chaos develops deep cracks and then shatters. The demon gate shudders, closes, and disappears. Ryu grabs a dead Irene and escapes the now violently-shaking tower. A night scene is shown with the Chaos tower breaking up and falling in a mass heap to the ground. Ryu, now unmasked (with a much different looking face than the first game), cries in disbelief and claims that nothing he did, including killing the demons mattered, now that she is gone. Suddenly, Ryu's dragon sword begins to flash with mystic power. Surprised, Ryu watches his sword flash more brightly, rise up, and compact itself into a brilliant ball of light. Believing his sword gone, Ryu looks back down at Irene and rests his head on her still shoulder and remains silent. Then, the ball of light that was once the Dragon sword settles above Irene's chest/heart/breast and flashes brightly, then is gone. Suddenly, Irene opens her eyes! The Dragon Sword restored her to life. Ryu claims, "It's a miracle!" Irene says she felt as though she has a awoken from a long dream. Ryu consoles her and says that everything is now over, and that they have their lives ahead of them. The scene fades out as the couple looks out over the sparkling night ocean. A shooting star passes overhead. But what did happen to the Dragon Sword? How did Ryu get it back in the 3rd game? I guess some questions just don't have answers...

Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom

After Ryu kills the super-mutant Clancy, Irene watches from a cliff overlooking the Castle Rock Fortress in disbelief as the giant Warship shudders, sinks in the sky, and explodes! Before it hits critical though, Ryu is teleported out via an energy field and rematerializes in the sky and drops to the ground besides Irene. Caught in the explosion, the Castle Rock Fortress also crashes rather abruptly to the ground. Instead of a love scene found in the previous two endings, we then see Ryu and Irene reflecting about life. Irene doesn't understand why people develop and follow through with evil plans until they are destroyed. Ryu responds by saying that humans are always striving to achieve. They then watch the sunrise in the final scene of the Ninja Gaiden legacy. Not exactly the ending I would expect for a reunion of two people where one was thought to be murdered. But maybe that's the way of the ninja.

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