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Monster Potion location in Level 3
Hear a person scream and dog bark

Monster Potion location in Level 3

Sent in by In Level 3 the Monster Potion is in the left hall to the store up the escalator and to the 1st building on the right and there are shoes inside that will give you points and after drinking the monster potion go to the top of the play area and punch the soda machine something will come up but you can't pick it up until the monster potion wears off.

Hear a person scream and dog bark

When the LucasArts logo appears on-screen, press L or R. If you press L, you'll hear a person scream. If you press R, you'll hear a dog bark.


For your password, enter "BCDF," and begin your game. This lets you enter the first Bonus Round before the game begins. When you do start game, you can enter the Bonus Round again through Stage 1 if you shoot the tree hedge at the top of the stage with the bazooka.
Sent in by Ryan PHZB Level 2
Sent in by Allen Wickham DBJK Level 19
Sent in by The code for level 6 is PHRP
Sent in by Bert Nevins XHRS Level 4 FHRX Level 5 WBGR Level 8 NBGW Level 9 GFCY Level 12 FRCR Level 13 KKYM Level 16 RKYL Level 17 BXBS Level 20 PXBG Level 21 GYLM Level 24 XYLZ Level 25 GLZJ Level 28 XLZG Level 29 XJQY Level 32 WJQK Level 33 KZVJ Level 36 BZVG Level 37 KRPY Level 40 BRPK Level 41 BLHR Level 45 + 10 Bazooka BCDF Bonus Level XWJR Credits

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