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Uncharted Waters: New Horizons

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Blam tip All Star-Class Items Money tips Get a star class armor

Blam tip

Sent in by James Edge Buy Balm to stop any storm that starts. You can buy Balm in select item shops for 1000 gold. Some of the ports you can buy it are: Barcelona, Beirut, Zeiton, Bordeaux. See if you can find others. Storms happen mainly around Japan, West Africa, and the Gulf of Mexico. If traveling around any of these areas, make sure you have Balm handy or your journey (and life) could be cut short.

All Star-Class Items

Sent in by James Edge To buy any star-class items, you must buy in the black market (which is 2:00 am at select ports). The list of star-class items, descriptions, and locations follows: Rune Blade - Most destructive all-around sword - Pernambuco Crusader's Armor - Best armor in game - Naples Crusader's Sword - Best Thrusting Sword - Timbuktu Muramasa - Strongest Lashing Sword - Sakai Blue Crescent - Strongest Striking Sword - Changan Errol's Plate - Second best armor - Copenhagen

Money tips

Sent in by James Edge When playing the beginning of this game, it's difficult to get enough money to do anything. Here's what I always do and it works great. Sail down and up the Nile River and stop at all of the villages you find and search (you shouldn't have to entertain for these are low-rated villages). Once you exit the Nile, stop at Alexandria and restock your food and water. Then sail to either Lisbon or Bordeaux. In these two ports are two different (but equally rewarding) discovery contractors. They are found in the buildings with pictures of a blue banner above the door. They will pay you for your discoveries and you should have enough money to buy a good sword and armor. Sail north to Copenhagen and Lubeck. It doesn't matter which one you stop in first, but for example, let's say you go to Copenhagen first. Go to the item shop and buy the Plate Mail Armor (if you don't have 14,000 gold pieces to spare after the purchase, then buy the Half Plate). Then sail to Lubeck (just southeast of Copenhagen) and go the item shop at 2:00 AM. Purchase the Flamberge (it is class-A rank and an excellent thrusting sword). Pick a fight with anyone who has Battle Skill of 10 or less for a better chance of winning. You can see their skill buy sailing right next to them and pushing the 'A' button and Left on the D-Pad to the sword icon. Push 'A' again and you should see a screen that has a bunch of stats for the opponent. On the far left you will see a picture of a sword and a number next to it. It's usually 1-30. The lower the number the weaker and less skilled the enemy. Start the battle if their number is low enough and you feel comfortable opposing it. If your number of crewmen is lower than their's by a difference of over 20, don't try to duel the captain of the enemy flagship. They should try and duel you and you don't have to lose any crewmen (if you're lucky). But if you're number is over their's or under by less than 20, go ahead and challenge the enemy to a duel. Once the duel starts, you'll see a bunch of individual cards at the bottom of the screen with a number and a larger letter. The letters (if you're attacking) are 'T', 'S', and 'L'. 'T' means Thrust, 'S' means Strike, and 'L' means Lash. If you're defending first, the letters are 'P', 'D', and 'B'. 'P' means Parry, 'D' means Dodge, and 'B' means Block. Don't worry about the numbers for now. In order to succeed, you must understand what these mean and how they can help you. Say that your sword is the Flamberge (a Thrusting sword), you will want to Thrust more than anything to deliver the most possible damage. Below is a table of best attacks and defenses: Thrust --) Block Strike --) Parry Lash --) Dodge Parry --) Lash Dodge --) Thrust Block --) Strike In other words, try to anticipate what your opponent will do, and do the attack that has the greater affect. If you think they'll Block, remember to Thrust. You will deliver more damage and win the fight. Take all of their money and ships and sell the ships you don't need at any port (in the Shipyard). It's also important to switch ships from the beginning ship (Caravela Latina) to basically anything else. Keep fighting with the strategy of the duel and you'll be successful in the game.

Get a star class armor

Sent in by Blackened-light To get a star class armor go to coppenhaugen and wait until 2:00 AM, then go buy it.

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