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Ultima VII: The Black Gate

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Make money at the start of the game

Make money at the start of the game

Sent in by Phil A good way to make money at the start of the game, and get equipped at the same time! Go east from the point where you entered the game and use the Y button to look in the well. You will get a hammer. Go into the house and surprise, another hammer on a table, also a whip. Hit the Start button, use the A button to equip the whip to the A button and then use the B button to equip the hammer in your other hand. The trunks have 2 more hammers in them, take them too, then exit. When you exit, go get another hammer from the well- its been replaced! Then enter the house again and get more hammers- they've been replaced too. Repeat until you have about 8 in your Pack, exit the house and go west to some long buildings. One has a sign outside it that reads Provisions. Enter this building and sell all your hammers. Now you can buy whatever you like. I advise you not to buy weapons there, but you will need a bedroll.

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