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Top Gear 3000

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Secret bonus A consists of ending the race (last lap) with an active boost. Secret bonus C is awarded when during all the race, you haven't touch at any cars. Secret bonus D is given when you don't hit any tree or things on the road. I don't know what gives toy secret bonus B and E.


Sent in by Christopher Murphy The password "0G1Y VSNH WYMS FNGX 9BL" will start a two-player game in the third to the last level with $3,000,000 for Player 1 and $150,000 for Player 2.
Sent in by Hoang Nguyen MICK4CLAUDIA You will not start the race over if you did not qualify WJMR BCPR 22T1 BPL0 112 Start with over 1 million in the Seven Planets BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Start with over 3 million
Sent in by Liesa Standard If you have a turbo Controller, this code has a better chance of working. A password to use is all B's. if you put a B for every space in the password screen you will be able to have a lot of credits and make your car really awesome. if you don't soupe up your car right away then you might start out with a bad car. don't worry, this can be fixed when you get back into the shop.

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