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Top Gear 2

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Race on any country with a fully stocked car

Race on any country with a fully stocked car

Sent in by Brian Kent I have figured out how to race on any country with a fully stocked car. Here's how. 1. first you must turn the power off on you SNES (this is to clear any passwords in the games memory, reset doesn't clear the memory). Then turn the power back on. You must do this for it to work correctly 2. When the Menu screen appears, go down to Continue Game and put in your Password as 4N85 BJR6 6HJ5 8#H65 RNM## then highlight end and press the A button to start. (The password is to start on Australasia on the Amateur level with a fully stacked car) 3. Now start your race then Pause the game and press the R and L buttons simultaneously and you will go back to the Menu screen. 4. Now go down to Options and choose the Difficulty level that you want to race on. 5. Next go to Continue Country and highlight any country that you want to race on (they should be grey) and press the A button. At the Password screen press A and when it says "Invalid Password" press Start. 6. Now on the Menu screen go down to Continue Game and start the game with the password that is already on the screen and you will start your race on the country and difficulty level that you selected with a fully stocked car.


In the game a ( is a < and ) is a > (< and > mess up the HTML code.) Fully stocked cars from the start. 4N85 BJR6 6HJ5 8#H6 5RNM## Amateur 9LB( NW5) )VW( CFV) (521FF Professional DHYV 9)HW W()V 13(W VHDC33 Championship
Sent in by David Bibiyan HY1W #J37 C(VN 6M2FD 965LL Access any level, your car is maxed out on accessories, best engine, gear box, nitro's, armor's, and $500,000.00 dollars.
Sent in by Mark Gorman Here's an easier way to beat this game go to the Continue Country screen and type this password in. 8)25 PN)Y L)VC M7032 NJH77. You will also start with enough money to buy the best of everything.
##HF V#32 Y2J LY?RQ DYY Australia V5)? JB #J5# FR7ML ?#RR Britain 1R42 )7RD M7G3 (HYCB 743HH Canada GNH3 7R 9(R8 CP5JH (98PP Egypt LFT 84() 1CM 1#H65 RNM## France 6JF1 (MYM PWR 4)M98 WRQ)) Germany T7N7 D8PJ 1YWV GT8NM (?TT Greece V(W) MD9Q 85QH ?GWB 632GG India 9?Q9 GVHV J7Q2 M1(TR FB11 Ireland G5F VRWT 79RW HV9PN B)(VV Italy 6WBV 97GQ 4(V) 3(L87 VQP(( Japan WHHF V2N( 9B33 H8D32 NJH77 Scandinavia T786 CLLR 9(#N ?V8NM (?TT South America BW53 RW? BG2 YFT) 41YDD Spain MV53 GV( LYT8 P)L87 VQP(( Switzerland GHF V2#( FW5 M?H65 RNM## United States

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