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Tecmo Super Bowl 3 Final Edition

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Get any players you want on your team Hall of Fame freats

Get any players you want on your team

Sent in by David Go into Superstar editor create a player over the one you want with all 6 stats, example... If you want Brett Favre go to Superstar editor Quarterbacks, Green Bay, then create a character there name him whatever you want, don't raise his stats any. Next, after you have all the players you want filled in, go to Season Mode, and change the control to ALL MAN, then go into the trade weeks at the beginning of the season, skip it if you want, GO TO FREE AGENTS all the players you made into "worthless" players, you can purchase them as free agents for around 10 to 50 points, how else can you get Brett Favre for 20 Free Agent Points?

Hall of Fame freats

Win three consecutive Super Bowls with the same team without skipping a game. Now enter the next season with the Trade Mode on. Hall of Fame freats, indentified by the teams and jersey numbers they're most associated with, will appear in the agent pool.

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