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Super Mario All-Stars

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Game Genie codes

Game Genie codes

Super Mario Bros. 1

6D0F-FAAD File A, starts with 129 lives. EE2F-6DAE Star lets you be invincible for about 225 seconds. 17DF-F20D Start on Star World 1-1 (harder). 17DF-F26D Changes Game A, to a two player game.
Sent in by Colin Healy EE6C-DD02 Graphics are pixelized AA6C-DD02 Same as the first one but better 556C-DD02 Similar but different. FE89-0D02 You can fly if you hold down the A button. 888B-0D02 Run without holding the dash button.

Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels

6DDF-FEDD File A, starts with 129 lives.
Sent in by Colin Healy AC86-0455 Starmen in many coin boxes
Sent by Brian Kent C287-D485 Can't get Power-ups CD87-D455 No obstacles CA87-D455 Hit a Mushroom block (1-1) and you enter to the left and then there's no enemies. C985-DF55 Hit any type of block and it breaks like a brick. CE85-DD75 Hit a block when you're little and it turns into a solid looking block and when big it does the same thing but you can keep hitting it and it keeps breaking. C288-DD75 Nothing in ? blocks or hidden blocks. C289-0D55 Mushrooms are Invincible Stars C289-0455 There are no Death Mushrooms CE89-0455 Death Mushrooms are 1 ups 9B81-0D55 All power-ups are regular mushrooms or Fire Flowers C281-0755 All brick have coins in them when you're small and hit them

Super Mario Bros. 2

EE61-05DO 255 Lives after continue.
Sent in by Colin Healy 4361-A966 Skywalking

Super Mario Bros. 3

DD3E-6C49 Start with over 99 lives. DF3E-6C49 1 coin gives you over 99 lives. DF3E-6819 After getting 100 coins, each coin gives you a life. **A8-6CAA After dying once you are invincible, and you keep what you have. D6 Flying Mario 30 Raccoon Mario E1 Tanookie Mario 35 Hammer Mario 32 Pink Flyer 3A Airplane Mario 33 Blue Mario
Sent in by Adriano G. E6A8-6CAA How to use it: First go into to a level and get a mushroom. When you get out of the level you will look like a cloud. This will let you skip any level except Hammer Heads and the special levels in World 7. What it does: 1. You will have the Raccoon man. 2. You will swim in every level. 3. When you get hit by enemies you will keep the Raccoon suit. 4. At the end of the level you will get a mushroom, a star, or a flower card. Once you get one card you will get the same card until you get your lives. ex) 3 stars = 5 lives
Sent in by Quasar Jarosz **A8-6CAA. E9 Frog Mario E7 Fire Flower Mario (If you get hit by an enemy, the game kind of pauses or something) E4 Invincibility (You have a Big Mario, if you Get hit by an enemy, you just get big again)
Sent in by Christopher and Jason Lowe EBA8-6CAA Flag fish Mario 53A8-6CAA Enemy goes through Mario/Luigi DFA8-6CAA If you get a Mushroom, you are still small CEA8-6CAA If you get a Mushroom, you can't move, but you can jump
Sent in by Warren1 **A8-6CAA AB Glitched swimming P-Wing Mario (game freezes in water) 89 Frog (always get star card at the end of stage) 3E Glitch boot Mario (cannot move left or right) D5 or 25 Hammer Mario 88 or D8 Glitched Pink and swimming

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