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Stunt Race FX

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Game Genie codes

Game Genie codes

Sent in by Brian Kent (You DON'T Need A Modified Game Genie For These Codes To Work!!!) 2F84-674D The other enemy cars don't race, they are floating in the sky DD64-6F34 Frontal sky view EE60-6F34 + DD64-6F34 Sky view (looking straight down at the car) B76F-6F44 + DD64-6F34 Back sky view DD60-6DC4 + DD64-6F34 The view of your car is in the sky but it continues to zoom away then toward the car (makes it hard to see and race) EE67-6F34 + DD64-6F34 Bouncing view top to bottom EE67-64C4 + DD64-6F34 Ground frontal far away view 1D8B-6D34 Monster truck wheels CD8A-6D34 Hovercraft DD8A-6D34 The cars have very small tires DD82-6D34 Weird color tires 9D2B-DD34 You race below the track and you can go anywhere (beware of water levels) 9D2B-D734 You race below the track but cant go outside of the tracks guard rails 966A-0D34 Theperspective zoom of going behind the car goes haywire but it returns to normal C264-6434 When you begin the race the view of your car goes under very far but slowly changes to different views

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