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Sent in by Brett Gentner P6BBCBB+ Last level MIMICHAN You will see a hidden Options screen allowing selection of Level, invincibility, and sound test.
lv?8A?8t Beginner lv?oCP?3 Pak Attack lv?10c?8m Tripat Dv?16hHfx Ball Race HvdsC3?R Frigia Bv?JaBm3 Grass Hopper Ev5LQV3Q The Obelisk Run BR7JaE0a The Grass Maze lmSTJ9?W Buxton Cat lmQUKN!1 Sandy Island Cn2AUAeP Roller-ama KoBAK32o Water Works lmAQC9eZ Misdirection Bq6AlCFz Castle Quest ikAABNdW Pyramidea PgAEaaBn Water World PgAFyaCA Canal Side NgACYkiH Radima ikAAAoJc Torture

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