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Sent in by Matt Sampson First, special passengers. These passengers can only be accessed by certain people. For the crew member, it's the captain, in the control room. For the man who left his sister in the beginning. For the old doctor, it's his wife. I forgot who the last person was. Everyone else: A man near the bottom of the ship. He won't come without his violin. It's stuck near the roof of his room. Next, two women, who are sisters. You will have to get lipstick from one sister to write a message to follow you to the other sister, because she was knocked deaf. Third, a nurse who's tending to her (boyfriend?) boss, an elderly doctor. She will take a few minutes, but she'll come. Fourth, a man who's grieving the loss of his wife and daughter. He can be talked to by everyone, but only the doctor (the one you choose at the beginning) can convince him to come along. Lastly (as far as I can remember) is two crew members who are trapped in an elevator. They need a torch to get out, but I never could find one. You know you're nearly at the end of the game when you reach a big vertical shaft with a bunch of ledges.

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