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Soldiers of Fortune

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Sent in by Joseph Cunanan LLNNPHJ2LMCF Lots of money and weapon power for World 4.
Sent in by T-dog S0LDRS123457 World 3 S0LDRS754321 World 3
Sent in by Rory Skrent SLDRSFFRTN##. Lots of money and stuff at Level 3.
Brigand and Thug Passwords W1V19S2SH21Q World 2 R18VDQWF01VP World 3 4141L1V4QVX6 World 4 Navvie and Scientist Passwords CJW19D2QQ2XF World 2 RJXVD8WFP1VP World 3 4J3WLPV9XWSC World 4

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