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Secret rooms

Secret rooms

Sent in by Yoda Select Spidey and go to the first level. At the begging if you attack in the upper left corner you will enter a secret room. There will be guys to fight. One punch will kill them. When you kill them all there will be an extra life. I think if you wait a while 4 more extra lives will appear.
Sent in by Christopher Murphy In the very first level, just when you drop down, get Spiderman to go to the very top left hand corner, right beside the garbage can, facing left. Then get him to punch. You will go to a secret room in which you will fight a bunch of bad guys (but they only take one punch each) and when you defeat them all, you will get some item.
Sent in by Joshua Foster Start a game as Spider-Man ant go to the trash can on the upper left of the screen, face left, then punch. You'll be transported to a secret room where each guy takes one hit and flies off the screen. After you kill all the guys, a life will appear.
Sent in by Steven Gallant In the eighth level, (In the mall) kill all the people in the first seen. In the second seen two the top left of the statue and punch any of the people with the masks and you will go to a secret room.


Sent in by Justyn Dccpmh Stage 5 MdrkJp Stage 11 Stsppc Stage 17 QpmJcv Stage 18 SCBRS Special Stage
Sent in by Ryan C. MDRKJP Stage 3 STSPPC Stage 4 MDRKJP Stage 10
Sent in by Andrew The very first password for this game is DCCPMH. The password for Level 5 is QPMJCV.

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