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Secret of Mana

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Game Genie codes

Game Genie codes

6DAA-74DD Enemies give you lots of gold and experience, the stronger they are, the more gold and experience you will get. You also Level up on weapons a lot faster. When you hit an enemy, turn off the Game Genie to continue, then back on. 6E09-8707 Start game at Level 53. EE6B-87C8+EE6B-8738 Chest in elders basement gives you 65,535 gold. EE6C-8738 You can keep geting the chest in the elders basement over and over. Add the last two codes together and you can keep geting 65,535 gold over and over!!! 820D-EDD4 You have 99 Strength, Agility, Constitution, Intelligent, Wisdom, Hit %, and extra Attack, Defence, Evade, and Magic Defence, but enemies are also Stronger. DDAA-7D6D 1 Hit, and the enemy is dead, even Boses!
"Sent in" by Jesse Smith EEE6-E944 Candy, Cup of Wishes, Medical Herb, Faerie Walnet, Chocolate, Royal Jam, and the Barrel all cost over 63,000 gold. Buy at normal price and sell at a high price. DDE6-E1C4 Most things are free, some things are exspensive. DDE6-E944 Candy, Cup of Wishes, Medical Herb, Faerie Walnet, Chocolate, Royal Jam, and the Barrel are free, but almost every thing else costs over 30,000 gold. Buy at normal price, sell at high price. DDE6-E534 Most Amulets, Bands, Rings, and Bracelets are free or very cheap. For example, the Gauntlet is only 6 gold, instead of 37,500 gold. EE07-8707 The girl starts at Level 87. Warning!!! With the code, she can't use magic.
"Sent in" by Jesse Smith You will get the stuff, or warp to the place just by opening the treasure chest in Potos. If you try to get the orbs while the codes are entered, you wont be able to go up that extra level passed 1. A26C-8738 This is the code that keeps the treasure chest from going away, use it with the codes below. FO6C-87C8 Get the Midge Mallet F06C-8F18 You go to the VERY start of the game FD6C-87C8 You can fly to the Desert or the Ice area. F36C-8D48 Get the Power Suit (about 245 Defense!!!) F36C-8F48 Get the Hair Ribbon F36C-8438 Get the Quilted Hood F36B-8F48 Get the Heavy Glove F36B-8F38 Get the Garuda Buster F36B-8FC8 Get the Red Cleaver F36B-8748 Get the Lazuri Ring F36B-8718 Get the Frosty Ring F36B-8D48 Get the Oceanid Spear F36B-8D38 Get the Masamune F36B-8D18 Get the Gigas Sword F36B-8DC8 Get the Battle Axe F36B-8448 Get the Spike Knuckle F36B-8418 Get the Gigas Lance F36B-84C8 Get the Hammer Flail F96B-8D18 Get the green Mana Seed F96B-8D38 Get the yellow Mana Seed FB6B-8718 Warp to one room down from an orange Mana seed, use the Magic Rope to get out F66B-8F48 Warp to the Great Forest F66B-8F38 Warp to Southtown F66B-8718 Warp to Wall Face, a boss F66B-8748 Warp to Gaia's Navel, in the tunnel F66B-8418 Warp to the Water Palace F66B-8D18 Warp to Kippo Village F86B-8F18 Warp to Pure Land F86B-8F38 Warp to Resistance Headquarters F86B-8718 Warp to the place where you try to talk to the Emperor, but find out that it's a trap FB6B-8F38 Warp to the Sand Ship FB6B-8418 Warp to some whip orb's FB6B-8D18 Warp to the cave north of the Fung Castle F86B-8748 Warp to the left side of the building where the Emperor is FC6B-8FC8 Warp to the Dark Palace FC6B-8718 Warp to the Fire Palace FC6B-8748 Warp to the Moon Palace FC6B-8418 Warp to the Golden Tower by a treasure chest with Axe orbs FC6B-8D18 Warp to the Empire's Golden City F66C-8418 Warp to the Witches Castle F86C-8F48 Warp to the Ruins by Pandora F86C-8438 Warp to the Underground City F86C-8D38 Warp to the Mandala Temple F86C-87C8 Warp to the Grand Palace FC6C-8D48 Warp to Kakkara FC6C-8D38 Warp to a room with three Axe orbs FC6C-8438 Warp to Santa's house FC6C-8D18 Warp to the Ice Palace FF6C-87C8 Warp to the Dwarf Village FB6C-8418 Warp to the Temple F76C-8418 Warp to Boreal Face, a boss in Ice Country F06B-8438 Warp to the Super Special Deluxe Robot, Type 2 (A boss) F06B-8418 Warp to Hexas, a boss in the Grand Palace FB6B-8D48 Warp to Kilroy, a boss in the Underground Palace F86B-8DC8 Warp to the Red Dragon in Pure Land FE6C-8D18 Rename yourself F76C-8D48 You can sleep at an Inn that costs 200 gp. F76C-8438 Another town's shop, you can buy Chocolate, the Silver Band, the Golden Vest, the Chest Guard, the Raccoon Cap, the Golden Tiara, the Cup of Wishes, the Medical Herb, and the Fairies Walnut. Get the following from the treasure chest in Gaia's Navel. F36E-8D18 Masamune and the Magic Rope F36E-8448 Chain Whip and the Magic Rope F36E-84C8 Dragon Claw and the Magic Rope F363-8738 Gigas Sword and the Magic Rope Get the following from the bottom treasure chest in the Witche's Castle. F964-EF48 Gnome's Power F96F-E718 Boomerang Orb, and warp to Dyluck. A267-E716 Get the Whip, and the treasure chest stays there. NOTE. Luka won't call you to the Water Palace until the chest is gone.

Top chest, the 50 gold one, all the codes for the chest in Potos Village also work on this chest!!!!!!

Treasure chests number 1, 2, 3, and 6, in Pandora Castle, the 50 gold chests. 1 2 3 4 5 6

All the codes for the chest in Potos Village also work on these treasure chests!!!!!!!

The girl starts with the following. With some of the codes, you will get a messed up girl, especially when in battle, so the codes will work best if you get the girl at the 50 gold treasure chest's in Potos Village, the Witches Castle, or in Pandora Castle. Keep getting the stuff that you want, then when your done only enter the code that lets you get the girl in the treasure chest. Also if you enter a code for a weapon, get the weapon, and then enter another code that has a weapon in the same category, the first weapon will change in to the second, for example, if you get the Black Whip, and then enter the code with the Nimbus Chain, the Black Whip will turn into the Nimbus Chain. A26C-8738 The treasure chest won't go away. 0D6C-8448 Get the girl from the treasure chests.
"Sent in" by Jesse Smith The girl starts with the following. F9A4-8707 Spike Knuckle, Ivy Amulet 94A4-8707 Nimbus Chain, Dragon Lance, Spike Knuckle, Moogle Belt 63A4-8707 Excalibur 90A4-8707 Dragon Lance, Faerie Cloak 56A4-8707 Lode Javelin, Wing Bow, Unicorn Helm. 52A4-8707 Gigas Axe, Vest Guard D4A4-8707 Shuriken, Chakra Hand D1A4-8707 Nimbus Chain, Head Gear, Power Suit 3DA4-8707 Oceanid Spear, Nimbus Chain, Moogle Belt 66A4-8707 Long Bow, Guardian Ring 37A4-8707 Oceanid Spear, Battle Suit, Tiger Suit, Gauntlet 36A4-8707 Chobin's Bow, Heavy Glove, Needle Helm. 2EA4-8707 Morning Star, Moogle Belt, Faerie's Ring BFA4-8707 Long Bow, Tiger Suit, Ninja Gloves B8A4-8707 Javelin, Red Cleaver, Unicorn Helm 19A4-8707 Ocenid Spear, Chest Guard, Gauntlet A3A4-8707 Amulet Helm, Griffin Helm, Magical Armor, Chest Guard AEA4-8707 Watt's Axe, Spike Knuckle, Magical Armor, Chest Guard 0FA4-8707 Nimbus Chain, Power Suit, Faerie's Ring E6A4-8707 Dragon Dart, Oceanid Spear, Power Suit E3A4-8707 Moogle Claws, Gigas Sword, Dragon Lance, Black Whip EAA4-8707 Black Whip, Magical Armor, Faerie's Ring 7AA4-8707 Elf's Harpoon, Magical Armor, Silver band
Sent in by Cyno Mantis. The following codes work when you get the chest in the elder's basement at Potos. A26C-8738 Chest doesn't go away. Use constantly when using the following codes so that you can do each more than once 496C-8F38 Get Axe's Orb F66C-8F38 Exit Potos F46C-8F38 Get Spear 0D6C-8448 Girl Joins! 0F6C-8448 Sprite Joins! F96B-8F48 Gain Luna's Powers F96B-8F18 Gain Gnomes Powers FC6B-8F48 Warp to Gold Palace F86B-8F48 Warp to Mana Forest F66B-8F18 Warp to Mana Fortress F96B-8718 Get Flammie!! E409-8707 Enemies get hit automatically with 999 6F7E-8707 Enemies die without the dieing # of hit points appearing. 6F0F-8707 Start with no weapons according to the weapon/magic skill A20F-87D7 The weapons that each character starts with are not equiped when you start a new game or when the character joins, equip it to someone else and they will both have one

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