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Everything was sent in by Johnny At the legal screen (the screen with all the writing that you see when you start the game) press Y until you hear a clicking sound. This is for the ground to be slippery no matter what the conditions may be. More codes to do at the legal screen. B, Y, Down, Start, Start-For a strong team. Y, B, Y, B, Y, B-For NFC and AFC teams in the preseason. A, Y, B, A, Y, B-The first two hits create a fumble. Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y-Slippery Field. B, Y, B, Y, B, Y-No fumbles. B, Y, Start, Start, Start, Start-Hit players down after play is over as long as someone is on the ground. A, Y, Start, Start, Y, B-All dives are up and over. B, Y, A, A, Y, Start-Unlimited speed bursts. Start, Y, Down, Y, Start, Start-The team you choose is the worst. Down, Y, Down, Down, Y, Down-For Iguana and Acclaim teams. Start, Y, Down, Start, Y, Down-Pitch black field. Down, Down, Start, Down, Down, Start-Springs randomly come out sending players into the air. Start, Start, B, Start, Start, B-Your opponent is invisible. Down, Start, A, Y, B, Down-all the codes at once!

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