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NHL '96

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Easy scores
1,000 points for create player and more teams

Easy scores

Sent in by Jay When you are playing, and your goal is at the bottom of the screen, this trick works great. Bring the fastest player on your team to the center of the rink. Getting faster go to your opponent's blue line. If you are a hockey person, start decking 2 or 3 times. That means sway from side to side. The goalie will move back and fourth like you. Keep doing this, and when you get much closer, take a quick wrist shot, but only after 1 big deke, or sway. When you master this technique, and get used to it, it works every time, but it only works for right-handed shooters.
Sent in by Thomas Schleichert A tip for when you are shooting up at the goal at the top of your screen, take the puck up the left boards, and then shoot at your attacking blue line. You should score almost every time!!!!
Sent in by Chris Hoffman When playing the game and trying to score on the goal at the bottom of the screen skate to the right of the net when you reach the face off circle before the goal take a hard slap-shot, if done write you can score every time.

1,000 points for create player and more teams

Sent in by If you hold select and press L and R before the screen that it has exhibition it will say "KAYROG" and then you have 1,000 points for create player and there are more teams.

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